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SEO Management - Online Marketing

We cater for a customized SEO budget each month. We prioritize activities to start with the most important optimization activities.

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We cater for a customized SEO budget each month because investing in your website’s search results ranking doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. We prioritize activities to start with the most important optimization activities.

Include keywords
To optimize your website, keywords will play a vital role. If you choose the wrong keywords your website will not be found by the search engines. Since almost everyone enters sites through the search engines, a website without proper keywords will not be worth much.

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How It Works

Search Engine Optimization Tips 

Chose the correct key words by:

Keeping your key words specific
Aim your keywords at niches, for example rather than furniture use low cost office desks. If key phrases are too general it is likely you will not rank anywhere near the top of the search engines. If you are specific the quality of leads will be better and are more likely to purchase or contact your business. 

Know your customer
It is important to find out what phrases customers type into the search engines, the best way to find out, is to ask your customers. Or do a survey on the most common search phrases used by customers.

Focus each set of keywords to a single page 
Once you have developed a list a keywords, optimize each page on the website for a specific set of key phrases and words. 

Include keywords in your title tag
Search engines use title tags as one of the most important factors when looking for the relevance of your website. Making title tags one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization. 
To optimize each page by placing title tags that relate to the content on that page, include no more than three keywords per page, any more than three and your site will be at risk of being classified as spam and be blacklisted. Your title tag should be readable as a sentence and ideally should be in the form of a powerful headline that will entice customers to your website when they read the title tag on the ranking page. 

Add a keyword Meta tag 
Your keyword Meta tag should be less than 1000 characters including spaces. It should include the key words used in your title tag, page content and headlines. It is advisable to include extra key words such as plurals of your keywords and common misspellings in your Meta tag.

Add a description Meta Tag
To fully optimize your site you should include a description Meta tag. Your description Meta tag should be less than 250 characters including spaces. It should describe the contents of your page in the most powerful way possible. Include your title tag keywords in your description Meta tag; ideally include the keywords at the beginning of the description. 

Provide content rich pages
The actual content and copy of each page is vital to achieve better search engine listings. The better the content and copy on a website, the better the listings it will achieve. Improve the content of your site by filling your pages with valuable content, how-to advice, tips and articles. The articles should include key words found in the page title, Meta tags and headings. Articles should be a decent length; each page should contain at least 150 words, not only will this help optimize the site, but it should increase the amount of time that users spend viewing your site. 

Submit your site on the major online search engines 
Major search engines include Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Excite and for South Africa Ananzi and Funnel. 

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