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Advantages of Blog on Website
Online Marketing

  • March 11, 2019
Advantages of Blog on Website

Increases search engine traffic

In terms of search engine rankings, I like to think of blogging as fishing. The more hooks you have in the water, the more likely you are to catch a fish. In the same way, as you add more content to your site, more pages from your domain become indexed in search engines. This improves organic search visibility and increases website traffic.

Humanizes your brand

Blogging gives your business a way to touch on issues and concerns of interest to your prospects, while also sharing what you and your employees are passionate about.
Your blog posts give you a unique opportunity to share your voice and personality, building up trust and increasing your brand’s likeability quotient.

Supports your social media initiatives

It’s difficult to maintain an active social media presence without access to unique, high-quality content. Sharing other people’s content on social media is great, but at some point you want to be directing those leads to your own site. As you share your blog posts on social media, you increase traffic to your business website - a feat that would be much more difficult without highly-relevant, topical information such as that found in blog posts.

Builds authority in your industry

A blog is one of the best ways to establish yourself or your brand as an expert in your field, as it gives you a platform for sharing important industry-related information and insights. 
It increases conversion rates, which brings your business to your next benefit

Improves conversion rates

An active blog sends a signal that your business is alive and well, loved and maintained.
A blog with high-quality content also helps build brand loyalty, further increasing your conversion rates. 

Helps generate inbound links

Having high-quality inbound links to your site is one of the three pillars of SEO. 
These links are important for SEO, but can also generate significant referral traffic back to your site.

Helps you rank for long-tail search queries

A site without a blog will have a hard time ranking for long-tail search queries. 
Having more content is the best way to rank for long-tail queries; the more content you add, the more chances you have to rank for less common, but ultimately higher-converting keyword phrases.

Increases leads

The more pages a site has, the more leads it gets. 
The more you blog, the more leads you generate. 
More content means more form submissions, more email opt-ins, more quote requests, and ultimately, more sales.

Facilitates valuable discussion

Blogging gives businesses the opportunity to connect with customers and prospects through a two-way conversation.
It signals to visitors that you are open to comments, feedback and even criticisms.
Learning what’s on the minds of prospects is marketing gold.
You can use this dialogue to ask further questions, gain new insights into your customers’ needs and structure your content and marketing initiatives based on what you’ve learned. 

Allows you to achieve ‘freshness’ 

Google loves to see new content being added on a regular basis, and rewards sites that do so with better visibility. 
Fresh content is also more likely to be timely or news-related, which means it’s more likely to get exposure for trending searches.
More content also means more opportunities for adding internal links. This creates more pathways for search engine crawlers, which more effectively spreads PageRank throughout your site.

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